3 Tips on How to Save Money on Groceries Using Your Smartphone

Everybody WAKE UP!

It’s 2018. Robots clean your floors, we can have a conversation with our iPhones, and cars are starting to drive us around. Yes, the world is slowly changing due to the technology being introduced and invented into the world! Don’t let the future scare you, though. There are plenty of things working in your favor right now!

One of them is the ability to save money on groceries. I promise that this is the fastest, easiest way to save money on your groceries! All you have to do is download a couple of apps, sign up, and start implementing this TODAY. I honestly never spend more than 10 minutes before and after every grocery store adventure doing this. My methods help me save AT LEAST $300 every month!

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1. Amazon Bulk Supply

This one is pretty simple. I think it’s very often overlooked simply because people don’t realize that you can in fact buy your groceries online. I like to use this method because I grew up making trips to Costco and Sam’s Club with my parents, so buying in bulk (especially non-perishables) has always made sense to me.

The category is under Grocery and Gourmet Food and it is called Restaurant and Bulk Food Supply. It’s a little difficult to find, but well worth the search! They have a ton of items on there sold in bulk. From Pop Tarts to Pickles, I’ve bought tons of stuff for much cheaper than what it would normally be. I cook a ton at home so I mostly buy condiments and spices this way. This is an alternative to the membership-based bulk food distributors who charge an annual fee! Remember, most of these items even include free shipping!

Amazon recently implemented the Prime Pantry, and the savings on their look amazing! Of course, you have to be subscribed to their Prime membership. I have not tried this, but if you have I would love to hear about your savings! I’m very interested on the results other people have obtained using other methods!

2. Plan Around Protein

At first glance, this might not seem like a proper technique to help save you money but I promise this works. Strategizing before you go out to the grocery store helps immensely. Having a clear and concise idea of what is going to be in your refrigerator for the week will help you figure what you actually need.

Here’s an example: let’s say you want enchiladas for dinner on Monday. You’re going to need salsa, chicken, flour tortillas, cheese. Well why not also buy rice and make fajitas Tuesday? And then make tacos Wednesday? Easy rice, beans and chicken for Thursday.  You get the idea?

Now planning the whole thing might be the hard part for you. Or you want to be fancy and eating rice and chicken every day might be too boring for you. Well, there’s an app that does ALL the hard work for you. Introducing Yummly!


This is one of my all-time favorite apps! Seriously, it’s amazing. They have recipes, a store, and a shopping list that is integrated into their application. It’s a HUGE time saver but this method will also translate into dollar signs!

The reason this helps me so much, is because you can filter through recipes with whatever ingredients you have on hand. So let’s say you save a recipe for the enchiladas.  The app will integrate all the ingredients onto your shopping list, and then you can search through their recipes with those same exact ingredients included! Honestly, best app for food I have ever used in my life!


3. Ibotta and Fetch Rewards

Yes, last but not least it is the most obvious answer. As the world heads into this new direction, we are going to start seeing more apps in the App Store pop up like these. They are essentially marketing tools for the companies using them, but they help you put money back into your bank account.

Ibotta is the easiest to use out of these and it provides direct cash back savings. They have EVERYTHING, not just groceries. It’s super user friendly ,and it even has a social media aspect to it. You can see who’s also using it and how money they are saving compared you.

All you have to do is find the offers that you’re going to use before you go to the grocery store, add them to list your list, then take a picture of the receipt after to verify the purchases. The rewards are placed into your account on Ibotta, which you can either withdraw for cash or buy gift cards. Every once in a while you can redeem more with gift cards if they are running a special on a specific one.

Use my code “aprwgyn” to get a $10 welcome bonus and start saving today!

Fetch rewards is a little different. They use a point system based on products and amount spent on the receipts. You cannot redeem cash for the points, but you can redeem gifts cars. The points roughly translate to a dollar for a every thousand, and you can rack them up pretty fast if you do a decent amount of groceries a week. The good thing is that there is a massive variety of gift cards for you to redeem, so it’s still really worth it to stay up-to-date with this app.

I think that as these types of apps get more popular, there will be competitors with better offers or innovations that will help maximize savings. Always stay on the look out with what app people are using!

So that’s three methods that I used daily to help me save money on groceries! I hope this helps you guys out! Remember to like and follow the blog if you want to hear more about saving money and delicious food!

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