On Getting Started

First of all, I want to start off with thanking my beautiful girlfriend Karena Louis (@itskarenalouis on Instagram) who finally pushed me to do this. I wouldn’t be typing this to anyone if it wasn’t for her.

Passion. For a long time, I used to dwell on the idea of turning your hobbies into some sort of career. I turned twenty-seven this year, and this is the first of those twenty-seven odd years that I really sat down and figured out how I can take my passions, turn them into a proper skillset, and find the demand to supply with my own service.

I was lost for so long. I have been in the restaurant industry for about 8 years, and I have worked every position you can imagine. Busser, dishwasher, server, food runner, floor supervisor, manager, fry cook, sauté, broiler, salads, prep, pantry, EVERYTHING! To this day I still love working in a restaurant (been at my current job for about 3 years), but I always longed for something more.

I have always been a creative. In middle school, I joined the school’s orchestra and learned how to play the viola. In high school, I switched over to guitar mostly because it was the “cool thing” to do. In college I kept playing with friends, but then food became a bigger part of my life (mostly because I was fending for myself). I was that friend experimenting with all sorts of stuff in my tiny apartment’s kitchen. I would go on a “will it fry?” binge or go through and find my favorite version of Mrs. Dash’s spice mix.

Confinement and lack of creative expression is suffocating for a creative. As much as I love my job and what I do, nothing will compare to the time I have to myself when I get to cook whatever I want in my own kitchen. Freedom is my true oxygen.

This is why I decided to step down from my position at the restaurant I worked in. I picked up a part-time job, and I am now focusing 100% of my energy and resources into the career that I want to create for my life.

But this post isn’t for me. I am sharing my story to hopefully give someone insight that your dream can be a reality. I have complete tunnel vision for that dream that I have, it is the only thing I want! And after twenty-something odd years I have finally realized that money is not the variable to my happiness. If this post made sense to you, then you might be in the same situation I was in not too long ago.

So join me! I will be posting on here regularly. I think I’m going to start with tips on how to save money with groceries, meal plans, or at least simple strategies to help keep money in your pocket. All revolving around food of course. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me! I want to hear about other stories to keep myself motivated!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


2 thoughts on “On Getting Started

  1. This is so cool. Glad you’ve made the plunge into your passion. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to figure that out.
    I’ll be following you and looking for those tips for cooking.


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